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Robert LilesMichael Cook and Robert Liles, partner and managing member of Liles Parker, respectively, are extensively quoted in an article published in the May 2012 issue of Provider Magazine.  Provider Magazine is the official publication of the national trade association for nursing and skilled nursing providers.  The article, entitled “Fraud Fighters Mine Data,” focuses on the fact that skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) have seen a substantial uptick in both the volume and level of aggressiveness of ZPICs in their audits of SNF providers.  The article discusses how ZPICs are utilizing data mining techniques and predictive modeling to target SNFs that they believe have a high prevalence of submitting claims for residents in the Ultra High Resource Utilization Groups (Ultra High RUGs).

Michael CookThe article discusses not only the increase in volume, but also the fact that ZPIC auditors are showing up at facilities without notice, and often demanding to see records and interview staff during the middle of the day, when the staff are also responsible for delivering resident care.  The article also discusses the likely driver of the audits, a report from HHS-OIG, and why a high prevalence of patients falling within the Ultra High RUGs may not signify any improper billing, but rather simply reflect the fact that treatment of what previously was labeled sub-acute patients, and the increasing of acuity in the resident complement, may simply represent current  and cost efficient use of resources.

In the article, Mr. Cook and Mr. Liles comment on steps that SNF providers can take in protecting themselves against these audits, not only through the appeals process, but also through the implementation of strong compliance and quality assurance programs, as well as training of staff on how to respond to these audits.  While the article is specific to ZPIC audits of SNFs, the preventive strategies discussed by Liles Parker attorneys are transferable to all provider groups, including home health agencies, durable medical equipment suppliers, hospices, and physicians.

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Liles Parker attorneys have extensive experience working with nursing facilities and other providers and their associations on matters of this nature.  This includes working with clients on compliance issues, audits, appeals, and training.  For a free consultation, contact Michael Cook or Robert Liles at 202-298-8750.

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